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How To Know If Promo Is Successful?

iFM How To Know If Promo Is Successful?So that’s it, getting the important ingredients, mixing it all up in right amount results in an astounding production. But hey, here’s one more thing that V.O. revealed – it’s measuring the success of your production. And sure why not? It’s the one and only way you will know if you were able to pull it off.

During the first few days of audition, the staff at iFM asked those who auditioned about which part of the promo they remember. Surprisingly, V.O. discovered that listeners reacted and responded so well on the lines “Maging sino ko man, tao ka man o hindi”, “Nay, nay,gising, baka gusto mong mag-audition” and most importantly the phrase “be the bext iFM DJ”. Post feedback here.

Be The Next iFM DJ Promo (0:52)


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