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Good Writing, Humor, SFX and Bed Are Not Enough!

iFM Good Writing, Humor, SFX and Bed Are Not Enough!Good writing, humor, sound effects, voice drops and an excellent music bed, you pour in all this important ingredients in a bowl and mix them all and youíll get a perfect sounding, award-winning promo that makes you wanna say, I should have never gone to school! But hey, mixing all the ingredients altogether is not all there is, you have got to get only the right amount for each element.

For example, in the writing, V.O. chose to mention the phrase ďbe the next iFM DJĒ three times all over the duration. This makes the promo consistent at the same time concentrated on a single topic -- to get people to become the next DJ on iFM. Mentioning the phrase thrice has indeed helped in printing this message on the minds of the listeners.

The sound effects and the music bed were all blended harmoniously with the voiceover. These elements were able to enhance the sound of the promo. But they werenít done and mixed in a way that it they overwhelmed the voiceover track. The bed was just mixed in at the right level. And the sound effects were placed appropriately so as not to compete with the voice track.

Speaking of voiceover, V.O. was also able to achieve a beautifully textured promo by employing various voices. There was an ordinary male voice, a female kidís voice and the narratorís voice that, I have to admit, really sounds like those heard on movie trailers. And guess what, itís V.O.ís voice.

V.O. stressed out that infusing variety of voices in a promo will not give it a dull result. You will also notice that V.O. used a special trick to make his movie-trailer-sounding voice stand out amidst the voice drops. And itís no secret that filtering oneís voice will really help it jump out of the speakers and grab the listenerís ears. Continue to page 6.

Be The Next iFM DJ Promo (0:52)


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