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iFM Pour In the Spices and the SeasoningsPour in the spices and the seasoning. V.O. told me that what makes a radio promo exciting to listen to is its spices and its seasonings. And these spices and seasonings refer to the sound effects, the voice drops or audio clips and the music bed.

V.O.’s approach to the “Be the next iFM DJ” promo was psychological. If you’ll listen closely to the beginning of the file, you’ll hear these smashing and pounding sound effects as if trying to surprise and grab you by the ears. It makes you want to turn your head to your radio speakers and listen close. And this approach is no different to the scoring of horror films climaxing and heightening the tension of a suspense scene.

The voice drops on the promo also helped V.O. spear the message to the mind’s of the listeners. On the first part of the material, you will hear “anong ibig sabihin nito” (what do you mean?). This clip really fits in because it’s trying to infuse a reaction on the listeners, trying to make them respond to the promo.

Another catchy voice drop in this production is the clip that went “Ah unsa?” (what?). It was catchy in the sense that it was in Cebuano. If you were Cebuano living in Manila, you’d find it really amusing. If you weren’t, it becomes even more interesting, because you would want to know what it meant.

The music background or bed was undeniably excellent! It turned the promo into a movie trailer, making that hey-you-got-to-hear-this-one impression. Continue to page 5.

Be The Next iFM DJ Promo (0:52)


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