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iFM Humor Is A FactorHumor is a factor. V.O. was not the first to tell me that humor is an effective element of good production. I actually noticed this when I was young with the ads that I heard on radio and the spots I watched on TV – they all seemed to be funny. And the best thing is – the ad gets stuck in your mind. When V.O. made the “Be the next iFM DJ” promo, humor was an all important ingredient.

“Nay, nay, gising, baka gusto mong mag-audition!”

“Mother, mother, wake up, would you like to go to the audition?”

If you understand Filipino, the first time you’ll get to that line, you definitely are going to laugh at your belly. Continue reading to page 4.

Be The Next iFM DJ Promo (0:52)


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