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iFM Good Writing Means Good ProductionGood production means good writing. I know it wasn’t difficult for V.O. to assemble this beautifully crafted promo, but he actually admitted that much time was needed to achieve a promo that gets the message across in lesser words and lesser time.

Further, V.O. mentioned that you can have all the ideas in the world but if you can’t come up with the best one, it will be of no use.

So, when V.O. started his production, he first considered the message he wanted to deliver. Almost all radio stations in Metro Manila have had their own “DJ Hunts” before, the question was how will iFM get people to respond to the call of being the next iFM DJ?

So, V.O. decided to use ordinary but familiar words.

Be the next iFM DJ, [anong ibig sabihin nito]. Maging sino ka man, tao ka man o hindi, you have the chance to be the next iFM DJ…

Translation: Be the next iFM DJ [what do you mean?] Who ever you are, human or not, you have the chance to be the next iFM DJ.

These were very simple lines to use but it was effective. And listeners were able to relate with the promo especially with the lines “Maging sino ka man, tao ka man o hindi” (Who ever you are, human or not…). Maging Sino Ka Man is actually a title of a popular Filipino song in the Philippines. It sends the message that any one can join the contest. And true it is, iFM’s first audition day was bombarded with DJ hopefuls including those William Hung wannabes. Continue reading to page 3.

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