iFM Secrets of Production Success

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In this report:

1. The Secret Weapon

2. Good Writing Is Good Production

3. Humor Is A Factor

4. Pour In The Spices And The Seasonings

5. Good Writing, Humor, SFX and Bed Are Not Enough!

6. How To Know If Promo Is Successful?

The Secret Weapon

iFM Secrets of Production SuccessiFM may not be the top rated FM radio station in Metro Manila, Philippines, but it is without question one, if not the best, produced, imaged and air staffed radio station in the whole archipelago. One of iFM’s secrets of success, well, he is a secret weapon, so I cannot name him, but his one heck of a talent.

I shall call this guy by the code name V.O. We’ve known as good friends just last year and I saw how he was so passionately attached to his work, actually, I don’t call it work for him, because he is very deeply in love with his radio station. His greatest weapon is his keen sense of production quality. He just loves to materialize a lot of brilliant ideas for iFM’s imaging and production, not to mention his very very flexible and world-class voice prowess.

We talked a lot about today’s radio stations especially in this side of the planet – The Philippines. And we stumbled upon the topic on how to really achieve success in radio production. V.O. shared with me his latest production masterpiece which was the promo for iFM’s DJ Hunt, aptly dubbed “Be the next iFM DJ!”.

Below, you’ll find the material embedded in the flash player. It may just be 52 seconds, but I learned a lifetime of lessons in radio production. Here are the secrets of iFM’s radio production success. Continue reading to page 2.

Be The Next iFM DJ Promo (0:52)


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