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Listen to new jingle package demos, resings and off air montages from different radio jingle production companies in the world. Jingle packages are in a variety of formats – from AC to CHR, from Country to Newstalk. The most cutting-edge jingle packages are right here. Also here in the Audio Montage Center are montages for voice imaging, international jingle montages, airchecks and more. Podcast

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    99.7 KISS FM
    99.7 KISS FM from SOB Audio Imaging

    99.7 KISS FM from SOB Audio ImagingNeed CHR jingles? Listen to this… Hard-hitting, fast, explosive, and a great vocal sound! And… it has the famous Kiss FM melody! 99.7 Kiss FM has 11 cuts and is available with different vocal groups. For details log on to


    N2 Jocks
    N2 Jocks

    N2 Effect undoubtedly is one of the hottest jingle companies around. Tony and Chris made the blue print of non-conventional jingle imaging and made hundreds of leading stations all across the planet happy. In celebration of N2's phenomenal success, Radio Jingles made a montage of jingle IDs produced for a handful of prominent on air personalities. From Matty in the Morning to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, the N2 Jocks montage contains hyperactive cuts that helped make these radio stars brighter. Visit right now to get your customized jock jingle ID.

    Also, if you are a proud owner of an N2 jock ID or happen to own a collection of N2 Effect cuts, add your mp3 and stuffs here. Let's help make the montage grow, N2 Effects rules.

    JRN Hot AC
    Hot AC for JRN Affiliates

    Jones Radio Network and Jones TM are proud to present this 2007 update to JRN's exclusive Hot AC jingle package. Complete with themes that reflect the unique sound of today's Hot AC Stations. Available now at

    JRN Goodtime Oldies
    Good Time Oldies for JRN Affiliates

    Jones Radio Network and Jones TM are proud to present this 2007 update to JRN's exclusive Goodtime Oldies jingle package. Complete with themes that can team up the feel good music of goodtime oldies. Available now at for JRN affiliates.

    Jayne FM Adult Variety
    Jayne is Waiting For You

    Girls' answer to Jack, Bob and Mike? Well, hear it for yourself. The Jayne FM format from Jones is a perfect way to target more women without alienating men. Go to for details about this new AC sound.

    Emily McIntosh Vocals
    The Jingle Darling

    The Jingle Darling of the Jingle Land, Emily McIntosh, has compiled a number of jingle cuts from her recent projects from ReelWorld, IQ Beats and Jones TM, showcasing the flexibility, crispiness and vibrancy of her voice. In this montage, Emily also included power intros from The Touch.

    106.3 The Vibe
    JamXMusic for 106.3 The Vibe

    WSHY in Fort Wayne, Indiana went to JamXMusic Germany to create jingles for their rhythmic oldies sound. Relive the hits from the 60s to the 80s with the new 106.3 The Vibe jingle package from JamXMusic (

    Click to preview "ABC AC 2007"

    When Peter Stewart of ABC Radio Networks wanted to update his imaging for the AC format, he came to Radioscape for a fresh new sound. This package is designed to compliment the imaging of today’s AC format. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Networks Affiliates only.

    Click to preview "Country Gold"

    When Rowdy Yates wanted a jingle package for his new Syndicated Show, he didn’t hesitate to call Radioscape, and tell us exactly what he had in mind. This small package was specifically designed for the Country market with a certain style that fits the sound and feel of today’s Country music. Country Gold will shine in your market.

    Click to preview "ABC Timeless Favorites 2007"

    The ABC Radio Networks came to Radioscape requesting a fresh new Imaging package for a brand new format they were developing. As it turns out, the success of this format has been unbelievable, and the sound of the imaging compliments the playlist extremely well. This package is exclusively available to ABC Radio Networks Affiliates only.

    Click to preview "Austin's Magic"

    Nothing says "lost in" like somethin' from the Austin! New Soft Rock jingles with shotgun mix-outs. Killer solo vocals and dynamic duets. Not the traditional Dallas vocal group sound. Continuous Soft Rock, Today's Soft Rock, Refreshing Soft Rock--whatever your handle, Radioscape can handle it.

    Click to preview "ABC Oldies Radio 2007"

    Nothing says "lost in" like somethin' from the Austin! New Soft Rock jingles with shotgun mix-outs. Killer solo vocals and dynamic duets. Not the traditional Dallas vocal group sound. Continuous Soft Rock, Today's Soft Rock, Refreshing Soft Rock--whatever your handle, Radioscape can handle it.

    Click to preview Launching of 95.7 The Wolf

    Krash Creative Solutions is based in Raleigh and they have done a good job in launching the new alpha leader of the country pack in San Francisco -- the new 95.7 The Wolf.

    Country Montage
    WKIS Montage
    The Country Radio Imaging Leader

    Krash Creative Solutions also made imaging for stations like WKIS and Cat Country 103.

    Click to preview KIIS 90s Remix

    Top Format - the leading radio jingle imaging production house in The Netherlands took a break from their usual jingle sessions and had their hands busy remixing the legendary KIIS 90s from Jam Creative Productions. The result was astounding! Check it out! Visit TopFormat at or Jam Creative Productions and listen to the original KIIS 90s jingle package.

    Click to preview K.I.T. Resings for Roc FM

    Since its release in early 2000, the KIT package from Top Format and Jam Creative Productions was phenomenal. Listen to how Temple of Tunes - a leader in jingle imaging based in Belgium custom sung the KIT jingles for ROC FM.

    Click to preview On The Sky Jingle Showreel 2007

    On The Sly Productions in the U.K. unleashes its fresh new imaging products for Clyde 1, Clyde 2 and Southern FM. Visit OnTheSly on the web at

    Click to preview JamXMusic Unleishes New Movin Package

    Custom produced for Alan Burns & Associate's exclusive rhythmic AC format, the 2007 release of the Movin jingle package is reported to be one of the most promising radio imaging product for this quarter. Now custom sung for 6 Movin stations in the U.S. Visit for full details. Listen to a Showreel on the left player or click here to read an article and listen to the fullmixes. .

    Click to preview Viking FM's sound on Skaga FM

    The Viking FM jingle phenomenon has reached a certain level that European stations call it the jingle package of 2007. As of June the latest addition to the Viking FM's fanclub is Skaga FM. Take a listen to the cuts resung by TM Europe or visit their website at .

    Click to preview The Latest Mix from Buzz FM

    B101.5 soared high in ratings with their phenomenal Buzz Traxx jingle package and now Mix FM in Europe seems to be heading the same way. Recently, Mix FM commisioned TM Europe to custom fit the Buzz Traxx cuts for their station and it sounds perfect. Go now to for full details or click the player to preview.

    Click to preview KISS Boston Joins Kissville Family

    In addition to the popular Kiss FM and Z100 logo, Kiss 108's infectious four note logo now joins the league of Kissvillagers -- welcome Kiss108 to Kissville. Listen to the cuts with themes that revolve around the playlist of one of the country's most successful CHR stations.

    Click to preview Movin LA with new Reelworld Jingles

    Moving LA with a new exciting music experience, Reelworld jingles are now moving and grooving on the new Movin 93.9. The new jingles package energizes the radio station with 12 themes, basic IDs, shotguns, rapid fire IDs and transition cuts. Listen now.

    Click to preview The Country Jingle Package That Bites!

    From Denver to Portland, Montana to Florida, only one pack dared to dominate. Reelworld and The Wolf Country Network are proud to present the Reelworld Country Packages - howling louder all across American territories. Click the play button on the left to preview The Wolf resings of Reelworld Country Packages.

    Click to preview 2007 Spring Jingle Montage from Jingle Guy

    Listen to Ben Freedman’s 2007 Jingle Montage. Or visit Ben Freedman’s website at The site features new packages from Kool FM and X106.

    Click to preview Perfect Music - The Perfect Jingle Package for AC Stations

    Fresh from the leader in jingle imaging, comes another addition to their rooster of jingles. Perfect Music is specially crafted for Lite AC stations that demand only the best for their imaging. The package blends perfectly to any song in your playlist from James Taylor to Michael Bolton with each cut provided with ramps and shotgun edits. Visit to hear all the full cuts.

    Preview WGN Package
    Preview WGN Cubs
    WGN The Voice Of Chicago gets first jingle package

    And it's no less coming from Jones TM - the world's leader in jingle imaging. The Voice of Chicago is a big package with tight vocals and music instruments that really punch. Chicago has always relied on WGN for news and information, while Bob Shomper has always been wanting jingles from Jones TM for WGN. Listen to the powerful melody of the WGN logo. All the cuts in the clear at


    ZONE announces the release of 'AC D-TOX: The KEZK Intervention', a cool new package of vocal imaging for AC formats. Produced for Mark Edwards of CBS Radio's KEZK-FM in St. Louis, 'AC D-TOX' was just what the doctor ordered. Mark checked himself into the Zone Clinic, emerging six weeks later with a clean bill of health and 14 new jingles. Visit our AC/SJ web page and hear how 'AC D-TOX' can wash away the vintage jingle demons of your past. Visit Zone Radio Imaging or download AC D-Tox.


    Click to preview My Only Radio For Life Jingle

    This is the classic MOR - My Only Radio Jingle cut used across all MOR FM stations in the Philippines. The cut has been remixed several times already including a reggaeton version .

    Click to preview HOT FM Aircheck & Resings of Z+ Jingle Package

    The original Hot AC station in the Philippines - HOT FM is using the Z+ package from Jam Creative Productions. Listen to an aircheck with jingle cuts and imaging samples.

    Click to preview MEGA 100 Reelworld Beatmixes

    The original jammin oldies station Mega 92.3 is formerly Mega 100. Listen to the original Mega 100 Reelworld Beatmixes courtesy of Subliminal Radio.

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    Radio Jingles has just added a new feature in the site. Jingle companies, imaging producers and voiceover artists can now share their audio stuff on our Montage page. It's a great way for jingle companies and imaging guys to keep broadcasters updated with their latest products and services.

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