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Ladies and gentlemen, this is, Version 2.0. The latest upgrade to the world's most favorite radio imaging and production resource. We've seen and heard your needs and you are our motivation to keep this site fresh and functional.

The Upgrade. New are neatly categorized downloads: Sweepers, Production Elements and Power Beds. Sweepers contain pre-produced imaging sweeps that are ready to be fired on the air. Preview a cut, request a copy of the clean version, edit in your station voiceover, and voila!

Or, customize each Pre-Produced sweeper. For a minimal fee, we can customize a voice liner with your station details inserted in between for a consistent sound. With a customized option, your pre-produced sweeper will sound like it was written specially for you. Click here to select a sweeper.

Be empowered and unleash the producer in you, by downloading new and useful cuts from the Production Elements and Power Beds category. Is there a specific sound design element you would like us to post? No problem, fill out our wishlist form and your request might be granted on our next posting.

Enjoy more VIP treatments here on!

Who is VIP? is your online resource for radio voiceover, imaging, and production. Our aim is to empower radio stations around the world to have the best sound. In 2009, we have extended our reach from terrestrial broadcast to internet radio stations, podcasters, club DJs, forum sites, gaming sites, and even bedroom radio.

VIP's History

VIP started in November of 2005 as a site for radio enthusiasts. In the following years, the website evolved from a mere collector's site into a full-blown radio imaging and production resource, offering tips, articles, and news bits from the industry.

Happy Stations

"Their work is of the highest quality,we will not be going thru any one else for our ID's and as far as customer service,friendliness and costing,well they just can not be beaten."

Peter Herman, PH FM Australia,